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Quick Language Growth
  • The fastest way to improve your vocabulary
  • Always know how close you are to your goal
  • Did you know that the average newspaper contains only 3000 different words?
  • With IngoLingo you can learn English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, and learn Chinese Characters or Chinese pinyin

Ingolingo is a simple tool to help you quickly increase
the number of words you know in a foreign language.


Ingolingo knows your weaknesses

There are those words you just keep forgetting. Ingolingo remembers those words and keeps asking you about them till you can't help but remember them. Ingolingo creates a profile of you, and targets your weaknesses specially. It's like a custom built language course.

Ingolingo shows you your progress

Ingolingo always tells you how many words you know in the new language. It feels good to see that you are constantly learning and progressing towards your goal! Ingolingo helps you stay motivated.


Julie said:

I'm from France, and even though I speak very good English, I still had a lot of problems with big words for my English exam. I tried Ingolingo when Mark told me about it, and it helped me so much, particularly with my vocabulary learning.
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