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I’m so lucky to work this website

People sometimes come to me and ask me – hey Mark, why are you not working for Google or Microsoft? Or they ask me – why are you not trying to make some Web 2.0 startup that will IPO and make you a lot of money? I tell them the simple answer: I’m not interested in those things.

That’s the key, that’s what makes this site special. I’m not working on it because of some big payout or because I want to get rich off it – I’m working on it because it lets me be free. I love traveling, I love meeting new people and visiting different countries. I love discovering languages and cultures. I love maps and reading about other countries.

So when I was given the opportunity to work on software that involves researching and finding the best way to learn languages, when I know that a big part of this job involves spending time in Asia and other parts of the globe – I was intrigued. This was what I wanted to do, it matched who I was.

That’s why I work here on Ingolingo, and I want people who use Ingolingo to find something in this piece of software that also creates some of that freedom in them. Ingolingo is to be about the freedom to talk, freedom to express yourself, and most of all, the freedom to discover

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