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Learning Pays

There are many reasons to learn a language. It can be fascinating, fun, useful, expand your mind, and of course – help you communicate. But might it also increase your earning potential?


Information is sparse, but I just ran across a fascinating study that shows that Hispanics in the United States who know only English make on average $7,000 less than Hispanics who can speak both English and Spanish.

A recent (very-unscientific online) poll shows that an astounding number of CEO’s speak more than one language  Here’s the breakdown:

  • 36% speak only one language
  • 31% speak two languages
  • 20% speak three languages
  • 9% speak four languages
  • 4% speak more than four languages

So will you earn more money if you speak more than one language? Not necessarily, but more opportunities will be open to you. It’s up to you to seize these opportunities, and learning a language with Ingolingo can certainly be a part of that!

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