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Quick Language Growth

Learning a language is so easy when your language course knows where your difficulties are

3000 words in 3 months

A newspaper has 3000 words. 3000 words is a good goal to keep in your mind, a goal that is achievable as you study a new language. Ingolingo is designed to take you forward towards this goal every single day. How exactly?

Word based: Ingolingo has lessons built around words. Every lesson has about 15 new words, and after every lesson you know you know at least 15 new words.

Post prediction model: We show you a word, then ask you to guess what the word means, based on pictures that are not obviously displaying the word. This activates your thinking and makes the remembering trivial. Read more in our “About the system” page.

Profiling: Ingolingo stores all your interaction with words. It knows where you are weak and where you are strong. It gives you words based on your personalized profile

Motivators: You get access to people who will motivate you and push you on to study more every day.

Know exactly how much of a language you have learnt

It’s a wonderful feeling to open a newspaper in Chinese and you can read it. That’s the first goal we take you towards – learn those 3000 words you need to read a newspaper.

In a normal book based course, you never really know at what stage you are. Ingolingo was designed around the concept of ‘words learnt’. The software helps you move forward by constantly gaining new words, improving your vocabulary and understanding.

Today you may have “150 words learnt” in your progress panel. After a couple of hours of ingolingo, that panel nows says “400 words learnt”. It feels good.

Learn together with other people

Some people like learning alone and some like being in a group. We allow to work together in a team to learn a language. You can call your sister up and challenge her to see who will learn more french in a week.

Or maybe your buddies and you can do an intensive spanish refresher course before that weekend in Mexico.

Or the boss asks you to learn together with the rest of the team, and you take pride in seeing that you are number 1 in the department.

Learning with others turns the learning into a game, and that’s what we want Ingolingo to be : Fun!


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